Great Reasons You Should Share Gym Selfies

While we don’t doubt there are some people sharing photos for vanity’s sake, can we take a moment to consider gym selfies could mean something else? In fact, many positive things?

We see far more benefits of gym selfies that surpass any possible annoyance followers may experience seeing repetitive running route maps or gym flexing pics. In fact, there are a few solid reasons we actually encourage our members to share gym selfies and other photos of their personal journey that having nothing to do with pushing gym visits and check-ins. It’s all about actually succeeding, supporting, and hopefully celebrating their goals, big and small.

Reasons to Post Gym Selfies

1. Close The Back Door

It’s hard to get started. And to keep going! But letting others know about your goals and what you plan on doing to get there is a great first step. That’s because it’s much harder to back out of a plan (however tempting!) when you’ve told hundreds of your Facebook friends that you’ve decided to do it.

2. Get a Boost

The struggle is real. And daily. We all have tough choices facing us every day regarding how to spend our time and what to put into our bodies. Posting a photo or providing a status update about your experience is bound to get likes and comments, providing a jolt of encouragement that will make your next choices even easier. Because let’s be honest, compliments are fun!

3. Give a Boost

You never really know everything that’s happening in others’ lives, certainly not outside your immediate friend and family network. But Facebook has a reach and influence on daily lives that have positive affects outside of visible likes, comments, and shares. Watching your experience may be just what someone needs to get moving, or keep going. Progress is encouraging. Success is motivating. And yes, it can even be peer pressure. But if it can have a positive effect on even one person, helping them to make a healthier choice, it’s worth it!

4. See How Far You’ve Come

There’s nothing more satisfying than a great before and after. But how that does happen? With documentation! Sure, you could keep those photos to yourself, but similar to a yearbook or baby book, it’s fun to look back, share memories with others, and see evidence of the people, places, and activities that got you to where you are today.

So go ahead, show off that confidence or accomplishment to friends and family, and reach out for support as often as you want. (And include #AnytimeFitness & #G2HP [Get to a Healthier Place] so we can see them and share to encourage others!) Isn’t that connection to your community what Facebook is for?

5. Because You Can

And you should!

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