10 Best Types of Cardio Workouts for Beginners

In today’s world, a lot of people are inclining towards practicing healthier practices for lifestyle – following a well-balanced diet, staying hydrated, performing exercises, and doing meditation and yoga. When it comes to exercise, there is a lot of variety, each of which comes with specific benefits to follow. Let’s take cardio exercises as examples for staying fit and healthy.

What is a Cardio Workout?

A cardio workout is made for accelerating the cardiac and respiratory system of the body so they work together to strengthen the body organs like muscles and bones, increase body stamina for doing physical activity, and improve the circulation, breathing rate, and cardiac health of an individual. In this regard, the cardio workout is regarded as an exemplary exercise technique for a lot of people willing to boost their health and fitness.

Cardio Workout for Beginners

If you are new to this technique, you can check cardio for beginners and see the basic positions that you need to do for gaining the results you desire – a toned body, better built muscles, and certainly, better stamina and an overall health. Joining a gym is not a rudimentary element for achieving these results. You can do a cardio workout at home and still gain the benefits that you want.

Top Cardio Workout Exercises for Beginners

Some of the best types of cardio workouts are stated as the following:

  1. Running

Running is the simplest and one of the most effective tools for burning excess fat and calories. So, if you are looking for cardio for beginners to lose weight, running is one of the most efficient ways in this regard. It depends on the intensity – the less time you spend running, the more intense you need to get for getting better results. So, intensity and time work inversely with each other for getting effective results when it comes to running. To make things interesting while running, it is recommended you do not stick to a single path and take different routes, or even better, you can get a partner to get running with you.

  • Stair Climbing

Stair climbing comes as an effective yet simple way to lose calories and fat easily among individuals who are looking to lose weight. As the thighs of the legs are involved in climbing stairs, climbing stairs is much deeper than just walking on a straight path, you don’t get to lift your legs in walking as you would do while climbing stairs. In this regard, you are strengthening your leg muscles by putting weight on the joints. This is why you need to take care while doing such activities, especially if you have some issue in your joints. As you do a 10-minute session of climbing stairs, you need to take a fixed time to relax your muscles for active recovery. Doing about 10 to 15 rounds of this workout will be enough to get your cardiac and respiratory system pumped up and increase stamina.

  • Rope Jumping

Rope jumping is an essential cardio workout regime for boxers as they are designed to increase foot speed and burn a lot of calories. All you have to do is to wear some boxers and get a jump rope and you are good to go. Rope jumping is highly beneficial for improving your footwork, increasing the strength of your shoulders, improving body coordination, and stimulating sprinting. Moreover, you can burn more than 500 calories by jumping ropes within half an hour. A better way to keep up with the stamina to do the exercises involve you alternating between slow and fast phases. As you jump fast for a while, make sure to rest for at least half a minute.

  • Kettlebell Workout

Kettlebell workouts have special importance in high endurance exercises and therefore a lot of people who are considering adopting different cardio exercises in their routines do kettlebell workouts. A scientific study shows that by doing kettlebell workout for only a minute can make you lose at least 20 calories. This type of workout also aids in building muscles and you can burn at least 400 to 600 calories in just half an hour using this type of workout. However, make sure you keep a good balance between the weights you are lifting, neither too light nor too heavy. As you keep on lifting weights, try to set timers and see how much you can lift in a certain time.

  • Cycling

Be it stationary bikes or regular bicycles, you can use cycling to improve your cardiac health, respiratory system, and of course, build a better-toned body than before. However, if you are going for pedaling on stationary bikes, you should be careful about the intensity with which you cycle, as the more intense you are, the more calories you are burning within a specific time. Keep a high intensity for a few minutes, and then get it lowered as you go on – repeat the cycles for keeping the exercise beneficial for the results you want.

  • Swimming

Swimming is one of the few high-intensity sports that involve nearly all major muscles. The second you dive in the water, you are working your whole body against gravity and work for building your muscles to stay afloat. A minute of swimming will help you burn about 14 calories. However, the types of strokes you do in swimming determine the number of calories you are going to burn. For example, a butterfly stroke will help you burn more calories than a typical breast stroke. Swimming also acts as a cardio workout for your muscles that improves your breathing rate as well. As you work on developing your stamina to hold your breath while you are in the water, you are working towards building a better cardiorespiratory system.

  • Rowing

If you want better chest muscles and better stamina, rowing serves to be an amazing cardio workout exercise for many. If you want better back muscles, rowing will remain to be an amazing exercise for beginners and therefore acts as one of the best cardio workouts for beginners. A rowing machine in this regard can help you lose even more calories in a shorter span of time. You can do short sprints and burn as much as thousand calories in an hour. While doing rowing, make sure you keep your chest expanded and do not put the entire burden on your arms. Make sure that you also keep using your legs to keep it going. You need to set the timer for 20 minutes and do a short sprint of 250 meters in row – rest for at least a minute and then repeat the movement.

  • HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training works as an all-rounder workout to burn calories and fat. These workouts are found in a lot of variety – for example, you can burn from 500 to 1500 calories each hour for an individual weighing 180 lbs. These workouts are highly beneficial because the intensity, as well as the variation of the exercises, work well for yielding desired results. You can pair any calisthenics or use any weighted movement to get better results. You can do intense aerobics, Tabata, vigorous interval classes with added weights.

  • Sprinting

You can do short sprints or do sprints on a treadmill to burn calories in the least time possible. There is no equipment that you need to do these workouts wherever you are present. Sprinting helps in burning a huge amount of calories from your body. If you are looking to lose weight using cardio workout regimes, all you need to do is to include sprinting in your daily exercise regime and aim for better results with time.

  1. Burpees

As funny as the name sounds, burpees are there to kick start your heart beating rate and improve endurance as you do this exercise. You can burn as much as 10 calories within a minute and do 10 to 20 reps each minute to get the results you want. Burpees are one of the few movements that direct towards building better muscle strength in all parts of the body. They pretty much work like swimming as they help you develop the stamina you need for a better endurance.

Final Verdict

All cardio workouts for beginners are great for increasing stamina, toning the body, building better muscles, and elevating the process for fat burning. The key elements that you need to include in sprinting include taking care of the speed and phase as you do these exercises. Moreover, you also need to keep in mind getting muscle recovery insufficient timings to get desired results in a healthier way. Taking care of nutrition, staying hydrated, and taking care of the equipment you use and the gym clothes or exercise accessories you use are some essential components you need to take care of while performing these exercises.





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